Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boat Shopping!

Early departure this morning for Virginia and Maryland to look at some boats!!

Approaching the airport near Deltaville, Virginia (Hummel Field).  I think this is a bridge that we went under with Sharon and Buddy on our "Chesapeake Trip" a few years ago.

One boat broker met us at the airport - very nice fellow.

We had several boats at his yard to look at.

This one was nice on paper, but pretty rough....

But this one was pretty nice - a 2001 Hunter 410....

Very nice boat!

We met with another broker and looked at a few more boats....none were too interesting....

Off to the second leg- to Salisbury, Maryland.

To see a Brewer 12.8 meter boat.  Neat old boat, but probably more repairs than we would want to undertake.

The owner gave us a cool cap with the boat name on it though!

Back to the Salisbury Airport - nice quiet airport....

Long day.....the sun was setting as we were approaching home.

Lots to think about in the boat search!  No decisions yet!

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  1. ...very pretty boats...can't wait to see the one you choose!...