Friday, August 30, 2013

Sailing to Bellhaven

Since we have limited time on the water....the only logical next destination is Bellhaven.  So, after a nice breakfast at the diner and a little engine-troubleshooting for Duane (not ours - our dockmate had some difficulties and Duane offered some assistance) we shoved off from the welcoming town of Bath....

The day started with some pretty decent winds - but they died out thru the morning.  At some points we were only moving at 3 knots....

I heard a thump, thump, thump.....sometimes that can be a bad thing - but in this case it was what appeared to be a National Guard helicopter flying down the middle of the river.  They looked very close in person - I waved at the guys in the cockpit!

When I look at this video - they don't look so close....but it was neat anyway

Again, a long day....but we tied up at the new-to-us Bellhaven Waterway Marina.  Nice folks and nice facility!

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