Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sailing to Bath, NC!!!

We had a wonderful night - even needed a blanket about 3 AM!!  We made a bit of a mistake and left the companionway open just to let the air flow....about 1AM a few mosquitoes decided to find us....but I couldn't be bothered to wake up!!

After coffee and cereal for breakfast, we pulled the anchor out of the mud and headed out.  Due to the north winds of late, we decided not to take the Intercoastal waterway northbound.  Let me explain - our mast height is really high - 64'9".  The Intercoastal waterway bridges are SUPPOSED to allow 65' to clear.  But, if the winds or tides are high, sometimes that is a problem.  We decided to play it safe and go "around" - out in the Pamlico Sound instead.  Good choice - the winds were not crazy like yesterday....although not favorable for sailing.

Self-portrait!  My tee shirt is a duplicate of one Sharon also reads "Sail Fast" on front and "Live Slow" on back.  Duane said I needed a new shirt for today....the front should read "Sail Slow"... haha.  We did have the sails up, but they only gave us about .5 knots.  Still, it's a free .5 knots!!

We had to make a big loop to avoid a "prohibited area" near Stumpy Point....note why.  No argument!

Once we cleared the bombing range, we were in the Pamlico River. Still motor-sailing, we passed the Aurora phosphate plant that is the origin for all those barges I've snapped photos of over the years. We didn't actually see one this time, but heard them several times on the VHF radio announcing their progress down the waterway.

After about 6 or 7 hours....we arrive at Bath!  Really quaint little town. 

Since we had brought our new-to-us fold-up bikes, we got the boat settled and went for a town tour.  This is one of the only photos I've been able to steal lately with Duane in it!!!

At a pretty, shady waterfront park.

The town of Bath is really, really small.....nice folks though!  Here we are at the only diner in town. 

Lots of historic buildings.....

Glory Days tied up to the State Dock....

Very nice of the state to provide suck a nice, free place to tie up for the night!!

Off to Bellhaven tomorrow!


  1. Really pretty...that photo of the marina could be a postcard!



  2. Really pretty...that photo of the marina could be a postcard!


    T the shirt!