Monday, September 7, 2009

Sailing to Ocracoke

Back in Oriental now and have the bandwidth to upload this short video clip....40+ knot winds. I couldn't hold the camera up too long because it would get wet from the spray. Note to self - bring my underwater enclosure that I use for the camera when SCUBA diving....

We had taken in the jib and were sailing under a double-reefed main. We're making about 7.5 knots - with just that sliver of a sail!!


  1. It doesn't look nearly as bad as it was (or sounds). I see a tiny bit of the Kentris up ahead of you. Hope your trip back was less stressful!

  2. Hi Patricia! Yes, I'll agree that the video really doesn't do it justice!

    Send me a message sometime with your email so I can send you a couple of still photos of you under sail.

    Hope your sail out of Ocracoke went well. See ya around!