Friday, September 4, 2009

Live from Ocracoke

I've got a little bit of an internet connection as long as I'm up on deck on the boat - so I'll try to post a little entry about our trip over to Ocracoke yesterday....

Flew down to New Bern over a really pretty overcast layer. Our wheel just were touching the tops of the cotton-y clouds for most of the flight. Just had to dive down thru them for the approach into New Bern.

HaHa - here's all the "stuff" I brought along for the long weekend.....lucky we've got a six seat airplane for two people!!!

Sharon and Buddy met us Wednesday night - we left early Thursday morning for the 45 mile sail over to Ocracoke....the weather forecast was not too good....not our usual pretty sunrise start!

The winds kicked up early... here they're 31.4 knots...36 mph...

Now they're 35.7 knots - 41.1 mph!! 39 mph is a Tropical storm!!

Waves were splashing us over the bow...Capt'n Duane in rain gear!

We had to "reef" - or take some of the sails down. The winds just got too strong. Duane saw 42 knots or 48.3 mph . This is the highest we snapped a photo of. We were busy holding on!!

As we approached the channel leading into Ocracoke, we ended up behind a nice catamaran named Kentris.....nice folks - Tom and Pat from Chapel Hill.

Safe and sound, though, in Ocracoke!

Out for the evening - at the new Dajio restaurant (which replaces the old Pelican, one of our favs...)

Pat and Diane drove down with their camper and A.D. (Airport Dog). Visiting this morning at the marina.

Pretty dog and pretty Diane!!!

Went over to Jolly Roger, another fav, after Howard and Peggy arrived on the noon ferry.

Met some nice folks who sail up in Maryland -Gene and their names and email's on a napkin for further communication! Always nice to have sailing buddies!!

Went back to the Dajio today for their $0.15 shrimp - met some folks that we had seen there on previous trips.

One of the kids was showing HIS fingernail art....

A cool cowboy!!!

We always rent bikes for the weekend (since we don't have any other way to get around....) Pat volunteered to "ride back to the boat" with me on my bike.....this was the result...just a few minor bruises.....

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