Sunday, November 8, 2015

Replacing Goit portlight seal

The portlight in one of the cabins was leaking pretty bad if it rained we started searching for the material.    We found the gasket material at a marine supply in St. Maarten - couldn't find it in the US! 

We removed the window from the porthole.

Closeup of the wonder it leaked!!

Cleaned up the plexiglass and removed all the old glue with denatured alcohol.

I taped the edges with masking tape just to prevent and contact cement from oozing out.  Just painted a nice thick coating of cement and allowed to dry to tacky.

Painted the glue on the pre-measured and cut, new gasket.

Once everything was just the right amount of tacky....carefully placed the new gasket in the groove.

All done and ready to install.

Installed and water tight!!


  1. Looks so easy! That is still on our to do list. Thanks

  2. ...another perfect job...working with contact cement makes me NERVOUS...