Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sail to Ocracoke

Our first "real" sail - from Oriental to Ocracoke.  It's a little over 40 miles....

Up early and shoved off the dock without even making breakfast!

Buddy on crab-pot look-out.  It must be "season" for crab fishing since I don't remember so many before.  Wouldn't be good to run over one of the buoys with the propeller!

A really nice sail in strong winds.  I had planned to make chili while underway....but it was a little tossy-turvy....so we just snacked.

Always a ferry photo or two!  In the channel approaching Ocracoke Island.

Always a welcome sight after 6 or 7 hours of sailing!

All tied up to the Ocracoke National Park Service dock on the windy day!

Miranda and Richard joined us - we're all in for a good mini-vacation!

Later that evening....all settled in with our folding bikes nearby.

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  1. Fun! We love Ocracoke!...I didn't know you had folding bikes...