Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Making "Looky" buckets

When we're on the dinghy, we often need to peer below the water surface to see the coral.  Rather than jump in with snorkel gear, it's easier to take a quick look with a viewing device affectionately known as a "looky bucket".   With a plexiglass bottom, you stick the bucket in the water and the view thru it is clear, just like looking thru a snorkel mask without having to go to the trouble of jumping in.

We made one last year, but it was with a small bucket.  Decided we needed to make full sized ones for this years trip for better views.

I found 2 of the cleanest 5 gallon buckets we had.

Got out the jig saw.

And some plexiglass.  Just traced the diameter of the bucket bottom with a Sharpie.  (the blue plastic will peel off later).

Used the jig saw to free-hand cut the bottom out of both buckets.

Used the cut-out to refine the diameter I'll want to cut for the plexiglass.  It needs to be smaller than the outside diameter because it will be glued inside the bucket.

I'll cut the plexiglass in-between the two marks.  Accuracy is not critical.

Plexiglass cut to fit.

Plexiglass in the bottom of the bucket.  Took the plastic protection off, then glued/sealed it in place with caulk.

And there you have it!  The view thru the bucket bottom.   These will be very useful in the Bahamas.

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