Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chub Cay to Highbourne Cay

Based on the weather forecast, we had to scoot again because the weather is going to turn very windy again.  Apparently that is going to be the way it is for this trip!!

So, we pulled anchor at 12 midnight and headed out from Chub Cay towards the Exumas.  The trip was 15 hours.

We passed on the west side of New Providence (Nassau) - and we did a bit of sailing finally!   But the winds soon were on our nose, so we had the motors on for the last 8 hours to make sure we got to the anchorage before dark.

Caught a 3' barracuda!!!  He fought really hard - bending the heavy rod almost double.

 I've zoomed in here - look at those teeth!  Mean bugger!!  We let him go....not good "eatin".

Arrived at Highborne Cay in the late was a bumpy ride again.  So, we're going to rest and hopefully do some snorkeling tomorrow!

Another pretty sunset from the back of the boat!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bahamas - Bimini to Chub Cay

Forgot to tell you about the flags we have to fly -

We have a solid yellow "quarantine" flag when we arrive at a new country.  Only the master/captain of the ship is allowed to leave the vessel, only to go to customs and immigration to officially clear into the country.

So, on arrival at Bimini, we hoisted our "Q" flag - and Duane took the dinghy to do all the paperwork while I stayed on board.

It only took about a half hour, everything was in order - we have a year long "cruising permit" that includes a fishing license!

Back on the boat, we raised the Bahamian "courtesy flag" which we'll fly the entire time we're here.

We decided to scoot from Bimini east to a little spit of land, a good stopping point. 

So, we woke up at 1AM and lifted anchor and headed to Chub Cay.  The total trip was 15 hours, so we had to do some of it in darkness.

Put out my fishing rod - caught one reef fish, about 1' long.  Didn't want to keep him - but forgot to shoot a photo!  You'll have to trust me....

Arrived late in the afternoon to Chub Cay -  it's a private island with some fancy we didn't go ashore.

Beautiful sunset.  We had planned to stay a day at Chub and go to nearby snorkeling sites, but the weather is going to turn windy again (story of our lives) and it would likely trap us here for several days or possibly a week.   The solution is to, once again, get up in the middle of the night tonight and head to the Exumas!   It's a 16 hour sail - and the wind angle promises that we will actually get to be a sailboat for the trip!!! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Finally made it to the Bahamas on our own boat!

In case you didn't see the photos on FB, here a a few from Bimini - it is just beautiful here!  The rolly anchorage we stayed in this morning so that Duane could go clear us in at the Customs office.

The little town - Bimini is a really small place!

Took a walk along the beach.  We got our phones switched over to Bahamas Telephone Company - so we have internet and can make local calls.  (Our existing Verizon phone numbers are no good while we're in the Bahamas).

After getting some more diesel fuel we headed over to the north side of the island to escape the rolling water (wakes from passing boats makes our boat rock from side to side and it's just uncomfortable).    Plan to go overnite tonight to Chub Cay for some snorkeling!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

7 Mile Bridge

For those of you who have been to the Keys, you're familiar with the Seven Mile Bridge.  Here it is from a little different angle this morning.

Finally heading east to Bimini

Pulled up the anchor this morning and we're currently motoring along the keys

If all goes well we'll arrive at Bimini mid day tomorrow.  We'll lose cell phone civcover, so it may be a few days before we get back online. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Still hanging around

We're just hanging around at Ramrod Key...the weather looks really nice on Thursday, so we may move over to Marathon tomorrow to do a final fuel/water fillup.  Nothing new to report, sunny, breezy and warm here!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still slowly on our way to the Bahamas!

We took up the anchor this morning and had a leisurely motor/sail eastbound.  We were thinking that we might just keep going east and end up in Bimini....but we looked at the weather forecast and could see the wave heights were 5-7 feet with a 5 second period.   We decided that didn't sound like too much fun....we'd be safe if we did it, but we'd be, we pulled in at Ramrod Key and dropped the anchor.   It's near a little island called "Picnic Island" where the locals come on the weekends - shallow water so they pull up and wade to the little island for their picnics.  

 Nice anchorage - but still very windy.  The wind is howling thru the open ports on the boat, lovely temperature..... I turned the instruments on just now to see much wind is still out there.   Over 20 knots.

May stay here a day or two -  looks like the winds/waves will die down late in the week, so we may head to the Bahamas then for a peaceful gulf stream crossing!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

On the way to the Bahamas

Forgot to post this photo from yesterday.  We had walked to the Winn Dixie for a couple of last minute provisions....and this iguana caught me by surprise on the sidewalk....I was shocked that he sat still for me to take this photo.

Leaving Key West - full of fuel and water after a quick stop at Conch Harbor Marina this morning.

Passing the cruise ship dock....this one is fairly small, I think!

 We slogged along for several hours today from the north side of Key West.  "Small Craft Advisory" was in effect for the area....but we thought it didn't sound too bad.  We did see 27 knot winds and the seas were as advertised - about 4-6 feet.  But the crew and boat were unscathed.....

View towards the "Southernmost Point" .....from a more southern point.  Haha.

 Several hours later, tucked in a little anchorage, safe from the nasty east winds.  Heading a bit more east tomorrow before we shove off to the Bahamas.

On the move!

Set out this morning from Key West, heading towards a little anchorage to the east...just to be a little closer to the gulf stream.

A little video just now.  More later once we're settled this evening.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Maybe last day in Key West

Time to move on soon!  Just waiting on one more post office delivery today, then we may move on to the east.  The weather for going to the Dry Tortugas doesn't look all that great for the next 10 days, so we may have to skip it and head to the Bahamas instead. 

I was scrubbing off the deck and happened to look up and see these two Hobie Cats screaming towards our boat.  They got within 10 feet of our boat and abruptly turned.  Really strange behavior in the middle of an anchorage!  Cute though and the sailors did seem to know what they were doing luckily!

Just a pretty day!

Relaxing in my hammock with my Kindle...and a pillow....(more like napping).

Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of my "taxi ride" back to the boat in the evening.