Thursday, August 16, 2018

Engine install complete!

The engines are all hooked up and ready to test!

The engine hours are set back to zero!  Hopefully we'll have many years of service out of these new engines.

We met up with some other Manta folks on Lila Jane (named after their granddaughter).

Had pizza at the Silos and went back to their boat for a fun game of "Five Crowns" which is a gin-rummy game with a double set of cards and 5 suits!  All good fun.

The boat yard will put us back in the water for testing on Friday morning.  Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Second engine arrives

The second engine finally was put in place today.....the mechanics are super busy and I guess we were low priority.

We'll see how much longer it takes to get us back in the water.  Hopefully just a day or two!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Checked back at the boat after a few days at Topsail Beach

We spent a few relaxing days with my sis and her family at Topsail Beach.

Meanwhile, back at the boat....the workers had been a bit busy in our absence!

The aluminum welder did a fabulous job welding the frame for my "sling seat".

Aren't those weld joints lovely?

Welding aluminum - a skilled worker did this!

Here's a photo from the Bahamas when we were visiting with other Mantas.

Duane and Ed sitting on the sling seat on Now and Zen.  Best seat in the house and I knew I had to have one installed on Sojourn!

Anyway, this is what the seat will look like once I get some foam/material to make the actual seat.

Thanks to a great FB page for Mantas, I've got lots of  photos of similar boats with their seats installed.   I'll be making mine in white mesh to match our cockpit cushions.  I'll have to get my exact design mapped out soon.

And ONE of our engines is in the engine room....but the mechanics haven't finished installing it yet.  We'll see on Monday how they progress!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

New prop blades!!

I know this is not terribly exciting, but our new prop blades finally arrived from Denmark.

This time, UPS handled all the customs and import  so shipping was simple, thank goodness!!


 I know, they don't look any different than our old ones....the old ones were 17" and were correct for our old engine/saildrive setup.  But the new setup requires 16" props for optimal operation.

And here they are folded for less drag when we're sailing!  

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A couple of new cleats

When we come to the boat with the dinghy, there's no where to tie off and hold the dinghy in place.   We have to jump onto the steps and climb up to the deck to tie off.    Later models of the Mantas came with extra cleats on the stern....but ours didn't have them. 

Our friends that we met in the Bahamas, Ed and Cathy on sistership "What If", sent me a photo of new cleats that they installed on the stern..

Here's one of their new cleats.

I told Duane that we had to copy them!!!

12" stainless cleats and more of the 3/8" fiberglass board as a stabilizer.

More holes drilled in the boat!  (If you notice the water on the's been raining here for what seems like forever....)

Luckily, there is a vent hole nearby - I was able to stick my hand thru the hole to do the attachment.  We "buttered" the fiberglass board with more 3M 5200 adhesive, stuck it inside the hull,  then installed the cleat  using stainless bolts, washers and lock nuts.

Port hull finished.

Starboard side finished.   Now we'll have plenty of places to tie up ourselves and any visitors!  (You can see the vent hole I used for access in this photo).

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Holes in the boat!! Installing thru-hulls

The saildrives are designed to suck water through the openings for engine cooling.  But this is where a lot of the corrosion is introduced and the openings get clogged with shells and debris.   Lots of folks by-pass this mechanism.  Simply put a hole in the boat and let the engine suck the water directly from the sea.

So, that's what we're doing.

The parts finally arrived and we made short work of it.

Here is the actual part.  It's called a "thru-hull" or a seacock.    (We have two of these, of course, one for each engine).

For those of you interested, it's Forespar  p/n 931133 and elbow p/n 901001.

First, Duane marked the area where he wants to install it.  The greenish object is a 3/8" thick piece of fiberglass that will be the backing plate to stabilize the installation.

1 1/8" hole cut in the fiberglass.

1 1/8" hole cut in the boat!!!

Hole from the outside of the boat.

We sanded the area around the hole to assure that the adhesive would have a good surface for bonding.  Certainly don't want any leaks!!

Sanded outside.

Next we did a "dry fit".  I marked the spot where Duane (on the other side of the hull) said was the perfect alignment.

The shaft needed to be shortened, so a hacksaw  was used (we didn't have any power tools although several times "wish I had my .......from home" was uttered.

 Next we applied 3M 5200 adhesive to all of the parts.  If you're not familiar with the product, let's just say that it's very "sticky".  It's the go-to sealant/adhesive for underwater projects.

All sealed up from the outside.

And all sealed up from the inside.

Then we applied some epoxy paint to the sanded area on the outside.

And painted the inside too where the sanding exposed fiberglass.  Duane ran a new hose and we're ready for the new engines now!!!  (And remember, the was X2, one for each engine.)

Last thing we did today was to apply a couple of coats of bottom paint to the area.  Tomorrow we'll install a strainer and we'll call it finished!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Saildrive saga continued

So, we've spent the last week getting the saildrives ready to install.  They come from the factory with paint on the submerged part, but it's not really ready out of the box.  So, we scratched the paint up with sandpaper and got ready to apply some serious paint.

Started with 5 coats of epoxy primer.

And then 3 coats of non-copper containing anti-foul paint to keep the critters from growing on the drives.

Finally back to the boat after over a week.

Installed at last!!  (They weigh close to 100 lbs each!)

Getting there.  We'll have to wait for props to be shipped from Denmark....the new engines will be installed soon too by the engine shop.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the saildrives.  Long story....

We were tracking them on the United Airlines cargo website.  They got stuck at Washington-Dulles airport for a couple of days for no apparent reason.

Then they arrived Tuesday to RDU, but didn't get positioned where we could pick them up.

Finally on Wednesday they were at the cargo terminal and we thought we could go pick them up with a visit to US Customs for paperwork and to pay our duty tax.  So off to RDU we drove.

The US Customs visit didn't go well - although I was extremely polite, the officers were rude and curt.  It appears that any items over $2500 being imported require a certified broker to clear customs.  No one had told me that.....

So, after a million phone calls sitting in the pickup at RDU, I finally found a broker in NY that could handle the paperwork for me (it's just ONE piece of paper that Customs stamps!!).   We drove home and emailed the broker the paperwork he needed along with a "Power of Attorney" so that he could act in our place.   $500 and a couple of hours later, he sent us the ONE piece of paper from Customs that we needed to be able to pick up the saildrives.

Yay!!  We drove back to the air cargo location....

And a few minutes later we have the long awaited boat parts!

Getting late, we'll paint these babies with special epoxy paint tomorrow!

And just so you'll remember what our old ones look like, haha....